Moments in the Life of HMS Vanguard
Diary of Events for 1952

The great cruise - the Autumn Cruise - was now to come. We left Portsmouth on 22nd August and saw Invergordon on 24th August for the first time this commission. The Athletics Meeting on 4th & 5th September brought us the Home Fleet Athletics Trophy. We began weapon training here and the mighty ship started to live up to its function - that of a floating gun platform. On 7th September we sailed northwards from Invergordon, through the Pentland Firth - the grave of many a good ship- and arrived at Tail 'o' the Banks on 9th September to take part in Exercise Mainbrace. The Navies of the NATO forces had gathered at Greenock and the influx of the mixed sailorfolk of several nations rather strained the local transport system. Large numbers of sailors travelled to Glasgow for their last 'run ashore' - but perhaps only a handful saw Jack Buchanan perform in 'King's Rapsody. The sight of the combined fleets was quite impressive.

Admiralty Pier - Invergordon
The Forth Bridge- near Rosyth
Line astern - leaving the Clyde
The fleet gathers in the Clyde
A drop of 'roughers'
Tot time in 56 Mess
SBAWheeler                  LSBA Morris      LWTR Waterman       LWTR Craker
                 SA Thomason             LWTR Devenish          LWTR Rough
        SA Williams    LSA Fishlock                   SA Soden            LSA Gingell