Photographic Record
of the
Coronation Review of the Fleet
Her Majesty The Queen
at Spithead on Monday 15 June 1953
Admiral, the Earl Mountbatten of Burma inspects the Royal Marine guard
Vice-Admiral Mariani
of the French cruiser
Montcalm inspects the Royal Marine guard.
Captain (1st Rank) Rudauov of the Russian cruiser Sverdlov is greeted by Admiral Sir Gearge Creasey.

Commodore Luang Charn
Chayasak of the Thai
minesweeper is piped aboard.
Vice-Admiral J. Wright of the United States heavy-cruiser
Baltimore presents an oil painting to Admiral Sir Gearge Creasey.
The Queen greets the Commander of the Russian Cruiser Sverdlov
The Queen arrives onboard HMS Vanguard to attend the Review Dinner
The Queen is piped aboard HMS Vanguard and is greeted by Admiral Sir George Creasey