The Life and Times of the Royal Navy Battleship HMS Vanguard
Welcome to my Website in which I have tried to recall the two very happy years I spent aboard HMS Vanguard  together with details of her creation and early demise, some of which are perhaps not too widely known.  I hope you enjoy my pages and I would appreciate your e-mails with comments - good or bad - on the content or construction of the site.  Any additional information or photographs relating to HMS Vanguard would also be appreciated.. 

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Homepage                                                                   My Service History
Photographs of HMS Dryad
History of the Vanguards
Battle Honours 1588 - 1960
Birth of a Battleship
Captain A.G.Agnew
Sectional Drawing
Specifications of HMS Vanguard
Diary of Events for 1952
Photographs of Oslo - 1952
Diary of Events for1953
Loch Ewe - Scotland
Coronation Fleet Review - 1953

Bluenose Certificate
Memorabilia of Lt Cdr L.E.Blackmore (First Lieut)
A Day onboard HMS Vanguard
The Flagdeck - How it Works 
The Fifteen Inch Guns of HMS Vanguard
Death of a Battleship
Photo Miscellany
The Ultimate Model of HMS Vanguard
Model of HMS Vanguard by Mr Ken Winter
The Steering Wheels of HMS Vanguard
A Fairy Tale - 'The History of HMS Vanguard'
Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet - 1977
Royal Naval Reserve - Postal Branch
Poem - My Vanguard
A Sailor's Prayer
HMS Vanguard Veterans' Association
Lost Shipmates
Web Camera - Portsmouth Harbour
Voyage of HMS Vanguard to South Africa
  for the Royal Tour - 1947 

Photographs of the Royal Accommodation
Details of the Southward Voyage
Crossing the Line Ceremony
History of the Crossing the Line Ceremony
Orders of the Day ( or Disorders)
Crossing the Line Certificate
Photo Miscellany of the Voyage to South Africa
Observations of the Voyage by Cdr. W.G. Lamb
HMS Vanguard in South Africa
Nominal List of all persons aboard HMS Vanguard
         during the voyage to South Africa
RAF 262 Squadron
Sport on HMS Vanguard in South Africa
Union Castle Line model of HMS Vanguard

Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service Association - Devonport
    An Association for the crews of Tugs, Passenger Carrying Vessels and Barges of HM Dockyard Devonport
These pages  contain the following music

Homepage - The opening music is entitled 'Royal Vanguard' and was composed by Sir Vivian Dunn as the ship's march for the Royal Tour of South Africa in 1947 and is played by the Band of the Royal Marines.

Birth of a Battleship - 'Reveille' - was sounded to call the crew to 'Rise and Shine'

Death of a Battleship - The ' Last Post ' was incorporated into funeral and memorial services as a final farewell and symbolises that the duty of the dead is over and that they can rest in peace.

A Day onboard HMS Vanguard - Sunset - Played during the lowering of Union Flag /Ensign at the end of the day.

Homepage of the visit to South Africa - The National Anthem
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Click here for movie footage of HMS Vanguard. This will take you to the British Pathe website where you can download and watch newsreel clips of HMS Vanguard throughout her career.    Enter "HMS Vanguard " into the search box and click "Search"
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