She's big, too big some say, too much of her by far -
"gimme the boats!" - has muttered many a flannel-sickened tar -
She's outworn, slow, old fashioned, and a waste of flippin' time,
To keep her running the seas is nothing short of crime!!

But, half-a-mo' - I'm proud of her, I've lived in her two years
and when I quit her shortly, well, I'll not be far from tears.
She may be big , and all the rest - but, bless you, she's my ship,
So, not a word against her, though I claim my right to drip.

I've been in better, been in worse, I've sailed in large and small.
Though most of 'em had failings,  I'd affection for 'em all....
But, this is Vanguard , bless her! and I'm proud I've worn her name
and I'll bet you, if you're honest, that you're thinking just the same.

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