The Science Museum, London
Model of HMS Vanguard
The following thumbnail photographs are of the model of HMS Vanguard which is situated in the Ship Gallery of The Science Museum, London and is on permanent loan from the John Brown Shipyard, the builders of the battleship.These photographs are shown for the clarity of the details of the ship and  I am sure this will be of great assistance to the many model builders of the ship throughout the world.  The model is approximately 15 feet long and about 4 feet high and is contained in a glass showcase. Because of this, some of the photgraphs contain reflections and  as I did not use flash, the colour cast of the existing lighting is also evident. The model itself  was made in 1944 and is complete in every detail and therefore represents an exact replica of the real ship.   The gallery also contains numerous models of  ships of both the Royal and Merchant fleets throughout the years. To view a larger image click the thumbnail picture. To return to the thumbnail page click the back button on the relevant page.
General view of exhibits
Panoramic of various photographs (no further enlargement)
Views of the whole ship
The Bow
Amidships (Port)
Amidships (Star'bd)
The Stern
The Guns
The Quarterdeck
RMS Queen Elizabeth
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