The Steering Wheels of HMS Vanguard
In July 2003 my wife and I arranged a short holiday in the South Devon resort of Dawlish. Just prior to our departure I scanned the internet for any points of interest and the one item that caught my eye was a reference to a website about the emergency steering wheels of HMS Vanguard. This website was for a business of nautical antique dealers and a visit to their website confirmed that they actually had the two wheels for sale. The following week we travelled to Dawlish and the next day we went to Teignmouth to visit the shop. . The shop was like an Aladdin's cave. It was full of marine items from binnacles and portholes to wardroom cutlery and ship builders models.However, it had everything except the Vanguard wheels. I met Mark, the owner's son, and Matt his website designer who told me that the wheels were in fact out at their warehouse some distance away. They offered to take us there the next day. We arrived at the warehouse which was in the middle of the countryside and it was packed to the gunnells with pallets and cages full of  nautical artefacts, both Naval and Merchant  -  british and foreign you could wish to see.The following photographs will show the extent of the stock. Although I told them  that I had no intention of purchasing they could not have been more friendly or helpful and it was obvious from their attitude that they both enjoyed the work they were doing. They apparently scour the world for all the items and they sell to interested parties all over the world. I can only say that if I was in the market for any such items I would gladly do business with them. If you wish to visit their website,or perhaps their shop, please click on their logo below.
The Two Wheels.
Inside the Warehouse
Inside the Shop
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These Steering Wheels have now been purchased by a collector of marine chandlery in Weston-super-Mare.        He is also owner of  the Bristol Queen and operates pleasure cruises etc. in the Bristol Channel
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