HMS Vanguard Veterans' Association
A Veterans Association was launched in November 1987 and is still very active.  The membership now stands at around the 300 mark and is open to all ex-officers and ex-ratings.   Ladies can also join the Association as Associate Members and also anyone who has a genuine interest in the ship.  
A  reunion is held each year when a  different location is selected.  In 2014 it will probably be held at the Royal Court Hotel, Coventry from 3 October to 6 October 2014 .  Other years have seen the reunion at Portsmouth,Plymouth, Newcastle, Gillingham, Walsall and Glasgow & Liverpool. Why not join the Association and meet  your old shipmates at this reunion. Enquiries should be made to the Secretary at the address and telephone number shown below.                                                          
Members are informed of details of the reunions and  any other functions before the media are notified.  Wives, sweethearts and guests are welcome to attend the reunions and proceedings are kept as informal as possible.  There is usually a pre-reunion  business meeting to discuss any matters relevant to the runningof the 'Veterans' and to decide dates and venues of future reunions.    
The joining fee is a once only payment of £1.  The association is kept 'afloat' with donations, monies from raffles, sale of goods etc. and as a last resort, by appeal.
Visits have been made to the latest HMS Vanguard - the nuclear submarine and some of the officers and crew have attended reunions in the past.
Should anyone wish to join the Association they should send their details including rank or rate, official number, branch in the service and dates they were aboard HMS Vanguard , where applicable,  together with a cheque or postal order for £1 made payable to 'Vanguard Veterans' to :-

The Secretary
Mrs C. Harris
21 Telford Close


Telephone Number 01543 685099

A detailed list of all current members is available to members. 

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